01. She has to [strive] to catch up to her classmates because she has been absent for a week.
02. Anthony J. D'Angelo once said, "Continually [strive] to improve yourself."
03. We must work together, and [strive] for peace, despite our history and our differences.
04. We must [strive] to achieve our goals.
05. The poverty of the post-war era made the Japanese people [strive] to rebuild their economy.
06. We [strive] to give our customers the best service possible.
07. They have had to make their operation more efficient and competitive as they [strive] to succeed in the international marketplace opened up by free trade.
08. There are 32 local agencies [striving] to serve the needs of the city's poor.
09. There is a Gaelic proverb that states that the bitter cup we [strive] to remove from us holds the medicine we are most in need of.
10. He has [strived] all his life to become the best at what he does.
11. He has [striven] all his life to become the best at what he does.
12. She [strived] to make the ceremony a truly memorable occasion.
13. She [strove] to make the ceremony a truly memorable occasion.
14. Tanzania is [striving] to produce cash crops that will provide the income essential to economic growth.
15. This program has been designed to provide students with opportunities to reach their potential and [strive] towards excellence.
16. Max Ehrmann once wrote, "[Strive] to be happy."
17. Emile Durkheim once asked, "Why [strive] for knowledge if this knowledge cannot be used for the betterment of society?"
18. Every society has its general conceptions of the desirable goals that people are expected to [strive] to attain.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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